The Teachings

The Teachings

The teachings of the Ascended Masters as taught through The Summit Lighthouse® and the Portland Study Group are multi-denominational in dimension, embracing the Truths from the seven major world religions as well as other mystical paths, such as Zoroastrianism and Sikhism.

Rays of Gods Consciousness

Rays of Gods Consciousness

Each of the world’s major religions provides a mystical path that facilitates our soul-development on a particular ray and a particular chakra.

These teachings are where all paths converge, where a seeker can find a unified belief system that provides a surefooted pathway for perfecting the soul, albeit it requires personal fortitude and strength. This path is not the only  way, but is a fast way, up the mountain of God, enabling souls to fulfill their soul’s divine plan and teaching the tools for returning home to God through the ritual of the ascension.

In the teachings of the Ascended Masters, we are taught that through each of the world’s major religions, God has revealed a side of Himself or an image of Himself. Our souls are like the mirror of God.  We first see God in the mirror of our souls and then directly when He chooses to appear to us.

Purified Chakra Colors

Purified Chakra Colors

When God reveals a new image, or attribute, of Himself through a world religion, a new image or attribute of our Self is likewise revealed in the mirror of our soul. This new image is like a new language, a new mode of expression, and another way for us to attain union with God.

In each of the seven major world religions, we are meant to develop one plume of God’s consciousness. Each plume is defined by a ray (a light emanation) and a chakra (a spiritual energy center along our spinal column).

In the Ascended Master Teachings, we are meant to develop on all the rays of God’s consciousness and to purify all of our chakras. Let’s take a look at these rays, chakras and the attribute of God that we are meant to develop.

1. In Judaism, we learn to develop on the 1st ray of God’s power through the throat chakra. (The right use of power is taught, and the throat chakra is purified thereby. (See how this pattern repeats as we discuss the other rays and chakras in each of the other major religions.)


2. Buddhism facilitates our soul-development on the 2nd ray of God’s wisdom through the crown chakra.


3. Christianity teaches soul-development on the 3rd ray of God’s love through the heart chakra.


4. In Hinduism, we learn to develop on the 4th ray of God’s purity through the base-of-the-spine chakra.


5. Confucianism instructs us on how to develop on the 5th ray of science, healing and truth through the third-eye chakra.


6. Islam fosters our spiritual development on the 6th ray of ministration and service through the solar-plexus chakra.


7. In Taoism, God is mirrored on the 7th ray of God’s freedom through the seat-of-the-soul chakra.


8. Zoroastrianism facilitates our soul-development on the 8th ray through the secret chamber of the heart.


The teachings of the Ascended masters are available to all no matter what their educational or religious background. They are intended for those who maintain an open mind and who seek Truth.

These teachings have been revealed by progressive revelation by their messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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