Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

We welcome you to The Summit Lighthouse® Study Group of  Portland! We are happy that you found us, and we invite you to take advantage of the facts and findings that you may have never imagined could be true or possible before.

Portland's Japanese Garden

Portland’s Japanese Garden

You are in the right place, if…

      1. you are among those who are eager to learn keys that will unlock your full potential and free you from a sense of drudgery and personal frustration
      2. you want more effective means to help your family and friends and at the same time discover your inner Self
      3. if you believe there is a purpose to life—and that the spark within you was not intended to go out

The Portland Study Group exists to apply and promote the Teachings of the Ascended Masters as taught by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. We are a multi-denominational, spiritual, and philosophical organization. We welcome seekers from all faiths.

Kuthumi, Jesus, Saint Germain, El Morya

Ascended Masters Kuthumi, Jesus, Saint Germain, El Morya

Our beliefs and practices are based on the teachings of the Ascended Masters!


• We regard the saints in heaven as those who have graduated from earth’s schoolroom. We call them Ascended Masters, whereas Christians call them saints. We do not worship them, however, we recognize that they are our elder brothers and sisters and that they can help us on the path of life.

• We believe that we are all on a path of freeing and perfecting our souls, of doing good works, of balancing our karma and fulfilling our reason for being.

• We regard Jesus as the wayshower for the Piscean age who came to demonstrate for us how to walk the path of personal Christhood so that we could realize the God potential within ourselves.

• We are Sons and Daughters of God with a divine spark within us that is one-sixteenth of an inch. Our goal in life is to increase this divine spark, the light of God within.

• We regard Saint Germain as the wayshower for the Aquarian age. Saint Germain unveils for us how to walk the path home to God by learning to fully communicate with our own  Inner Christ,  the “Holy Christ Self,” and by attaining union with our I AM Presence, our True Self.

• We give daily decrees (spoken prayers) to invoke protection for ourselves and the planet as a whole.

• In the 20th century, Saint Germain revealed to all people the gift of the violet flame, a spiritual energy that has the power to transmute our karma, including sin, disease, and negativity.

• We believe that the soul is a continuum; we have lived before and shall continue to do so until be have fulfilled our reason for being and have fulfilled our divine plan.

•. We believe in karma and reincarnation. Karma has kept us from God, and reincarnation is the gift from God that allows us multiple opportunities to perfect ourselves.

The Mystical Religions

The Mystical Religions

• We practice the ten commandments as taught by Christianity, the Eightfold Path as taught by Buddha, as well as other great truths that come down to us through the Vedas, the Upanishads and all of the teachings of the avatars of the major world religions.

• We study  Pearls of Wisdom®, which contain instruction on cosmic law, commentary on current conditions on earth, and messages from the hierarchy of the Ascended Masters and the Great White Brotherhood (white referring to their light, not race).

• We are members of the Keepers of the Flame® Fraternity, a non-denominational fraternity of lightbearers who are dedicated to self-improvement and the upliftment of humanity.  Members come from a variety of religious and philosophical affiliations.

• We honor the Golden Rule and seek to love and cherish all life.

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