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Welcome to Ascended Master Teachings, brought to you by The Summit Lighthouse® Study Group of Portland, also known as the Portland Study Group.  We are students of the Ascended Masters, our elder brothers and sisters who have attainted sainthood and who have ascended back to God.

Our mission is to bring enlightenment to the Greater Portland area by sharing the teachings of these saints and sages of East and West, the Ascended Masters. We seek to provide opportunities that allow seekers from all walks of life to study the Teachings of the Ascended Masters® , with the goal of realizing the God potential within themselves. We are a multi-denominational spiritual group, welcoming everyone from any faith.

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For over 40 years, The Summit Lighthouse® Study Group of Portland has promoted the Ascended Masters’ teachings. For example, we place spiritual articles in local magazines. Yearly, we join with an affiliated group, the Seattle Community Teaching Center, to host a three-day spiritual retreat at the beautiful conference setting in Seabeck, Washington.

We take part in fairs where we can chat about the teachings at our booth with participants, and we offer publications for sale.  Once a year, you can find us at the “Body, Mind and Spirit Expo” at the Oregon Convention Center.

We host lectures locally throughout the greater Portland area, and we have study groups at public libraries at least twice a month on a variety of spiritual topics from the Ascended Master perspective. We also love to gather together for spoken prayers and for meditation .

Our study group is a branch of The Summit Lighthouse®, an international activity founded in 1958 that has over 250 groups in the United States and worldwide. It is a non-profit organization and the official source for Teachings of the Ascended Masters from Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

The Maltese Cross

The logo on our site is that of a Maltese Cross. The Ascended Master Saint Germain has said that in etheric realms there is an actual Maltese cross of sacred fire over Portland, formed by the bodies of 144,000 angels of light. These angels came on etheric levels to protect the souls of light who reside in this area from the return of an ancient Lemurian karma.

According to the findings of archaeologist James Churchward, Lemuria was an ancient continent that existed over 12,000 years ago in the Pacific Ocean and along the Pacific fire ring, of which the west coast of North America is a part. It was destroyed by a horrendous mass of volcanic fire and exploding lava, and it sank beneath the ocean. Though it had been a spiritually advanced civilization, it is postulated that the karmic reason for the fall was precipitated by the desecration of the ancient temples and shrines to the Cosmic Virgin. It is for this event that the 144,000 angels come to protect souls of light from the returning karma.

Map of Lemuria from The Lost Continent of Mu, by James Churchward (1927). This map, based on Churchward’s reading of ancient texts, shows the continent of Lemuria as it was before its final destruction

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